In 2021, illegal deforestation of the Amazon Forest reached its worst level in a decade. More than 10 thousand km2 of native forest were devastated. At this rate, in the next 15 years, we may reach the point of no return, when the tropical forest can no longer regenerate and become a savanna. To escape the war against deforestation, for the first time in history, an Amazon Tree filed an official request for refuge before Brazil's foreign embassies. These appeals were dispatched to foreign ambassadors and prominently displayed in OOH advertisements adjacent to over 100 embassies in Brazil.

Role: Design Direction and Art Direction
With: Caio Gandolfi, Thiago Andrade, Ligia Fava, Rafael Texeira, Marina Cota, Diego Ferrite, Giulio Belt, Gregory Kickoff, Felipe Cirino, Henrique Martins, Phillipe Degen, Felipe Cury, Sergio Gordilho

Agency: Africa DDB

Client: Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

Recognitions: Cannes Lions, D&AD, Brazilian Creative Club

Year: 2022