Agency: R/GA
Creative Direction: Saulo Rodrigues, Bruno Ponzini, Rafael Freire, Maurício Bina
My Role: Concept, Art Direction, Illustration
Copy: Maurício Bina, Rafael Hessel
Year: 2019 

"Pingô" is a brazilian expression for dripping money
on a bank account. With this idea we created
the payment app with the concept: "Paid, Pingô".

Pingô salary, paid an electricity bill.
Paid an electricity bill,
Pingô a discount for the next one.
No need to leave home, sweat on the bus
and queuing up at the lottery.
Pingô is simple. It's the talk of the town now.

Pingô is not payment.

Pingô doesn't just remember money leaving.
It remembers money coming.
Or rather: dripping. Pingô, paid.

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