Otá Studio stands as a vanguard of Brazilian ceramic and pottery innovation, distinguished for its exquisite artifacts formed from repurposed construction materials. Each piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship by adept cooperatives of female artisans. The studio's ethos is profoundly influenced by the "Otá," a revered stone charged with the divine energies of the Orishas, making every crafted otá a unique conduit for the individual energy of an orisha. I was honored to lead the development and conceptualization of the studio’s entire branding, from the bespoke logotype, whose design draws from the organic curves and contours of stones, to the comprehensive visual and photographic directives, and meticulous image retouching. The chosen palette of earthy tones not only underscores our dedication to unparalleled quality but also accentuates the natural essence of our materials. Collectively, these elements forge a distinctive, bold, and alluring visual identity system for Otá Studio.

Role: Concept, Design Direction, Type Design and Retouch
With: Mayara Grunhauser, Marcus Roig

Agency: Saudade Studio.Co

Client: Otá Studio

Year: 2024